How was your long weekend?

I  managed to get some fresh air and went to the park on Sunday(socially  distanced of course) and received a great dose of vitamin D, thank you  sun.

Planned  on doing the same on Holiday Monday but slept in and time got away from  me while I was knitting and spending time with the hubby.

Managed  to whip up a quick hot dog meal on the BBQ and ate outside for the  first in 3 years( been always too busy for such things) and I am just  taking the time to just be and it has been very eye opening.

Finished my weekend looming a hat for Warm Up Cornwall. How are you managing time management during these times?All  I know is I have four meetings this week, and still have to type up  notes from two meetings last week, and that is while I knit up stock and custom orders so I better stretch my fingers and keep them limber.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!