Busy times here at Crazy Knitter's Creations. I am working away on a blanket at the moment for Warm Up Cornwall.

What is Warm Up Cornwall? I am so glad you asked.

Warm Up Cornwall is a non-profit organization my husband and I co-founded to make sure no one in Cornwall Ontario Canada is ever left cold in our harsh winters.

  • We make sure no one goes cold by driving around on the colder days and leaving public packs around various places for those in need to find.
  • We also drop off at the local food bank and breakfast drop-in, for those who visit can grab what they need.
  • We drop off at nursing homes to warm up seniors. Daycares can also contact us for items for the little ones to stay warm.
  • The biggest project we manage is the school program. We ship hats and mittens to all the schools that need them in the SD&G area. A new project is blankets for those in need. ¬†Blankets will go to various local organizations in need of them to take care of their clients.¬†

To do this we receive donations of yarn and hand yarn out to our little army of knitters knitting what they can when they can for us to spread the warmth.

Why do we do this? Well, it's my passion is knitting, and I feel everyone should have access to warm winter gear whether they can afford it or not.

Do you want to help? All purchases of Crazy Knitters Creations help us operate Warm Up Cornwall a bit better. 

Follow us for more info, or you can go follow Warm Up Cornwall directly at www.warmupcornwall.wordpress.com