Hello everyone! I thought I would take a moment to reintroduce myself for 2022.

My  name is Chantal Gilmour but known around Cornwall Ontario as the Crazy  Knitter 🤭 I started knitting as a hobby over 20 years ago to keep busy  on maternity leave.

This  hobby turned into a passion after a car accident that left me bed 🛏️  ridden for months waiting for surgery. Never really healed from said  accident and surgery so I now spend my time making a living selling my  hand-knit articles.

My  favourite item to knit is the Fourth Doctor's scarf 🧣 it takes me a  long time to knit it but there is something satisfying about finishing  that scarf 🧣 and wearing it around town or seeing the pride it brings  to a cosplayer. My other favourite pieces to knit are slippers (I may be  biased but my slippers are pretty warm and cozy) and I like keeping a  dishcloth on the go in the car(you never know when you will have time to  knit 😉) Using my powers of knitting for good, I started Warm Up  Cornwall to make sure no one is cold during our cold Canadian winters.

When  I am not knitting you can find me volunteering for the Optimist Club of  Cornwall or I have my nose in a book. I recharge by walking through  nature absorbing all the energy only nature can provide.

Thank  you for being part of my little community and I hope you enjoy  following my journey through life with my knitting and all my other tomfoolery.